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The best decade ever.

The music was amazing

the media didn't have control

when music told a story

a simpler time, and best of all...


The music was real quality stuff

Rap didn't exist yet

They didn't use sex to sell stuff like laptops


you actually had to have had talent to become famous

The 60's-early 70's was the high point of rock: Classic rock, acid rock/psychedelic, folk music, and the beginning of metal (in the early 70's)

The Continental Hyatt House on Sunset Strip (also known as the riot house) in LA was a popular hangout for musicians.

Jim Morrison from the Doors would frequently visit the Whiskey A Go-Go

No Disney Channel...ahh :)

No perverts on Myspace

No Myspace

There was no Lauren Conrad or Audrina Patridge in sight. No reality TV. At all.

For a better understanding of what I mean:

-Watch Almost Famous

-Tune into Vh1 Classic (channel 235)

-try playing a guitar

-watch austin powers ;D

-research woodstock

-talk to a hippie(they are fun)

-Listen to "I wish i was a punk rocker(with flowers in my hair)" by Sandi Thom

Girl 1: Ohh MY GaWSh ARen't ThE JoNAs BrOTherS LiKE THE BeSt?!!

Girl 2: No, rap and hip-hop is! Gimme some-a that P. Diddy!

Girl 3: No way! I love rock!

Me: You Do?? :D

Girl 3: Yeah i like, totally love my chemical romance, nickleback, the jonas brothers, and whatever else is on the top 10 for like, a day. Hooray for whiny emo music!

Me: Man, fuck this. I'm going to take my time machine back to the 60's and 70's, go to the Hyatt House, see The Doors, see Zeppelin, AC/DC, go to Woodstock and...ah never mind. They don't understand. :(

*gets in time machine* anybody coming?

by alyssa_morrison October 25, 2008

60’s baby

A 60’s baby is one who is born in the 60’s (1960-1969). A 60's kid is one who is born in the 50's (1950-1959).

If you were born in 1960-1969, you are a 60’s baby and 70's kid. If you were born in 1970-1979, you are a 70's baby and 80’s kid.

by Gods200401 April 7, 2018

60's dude

Someone who's thought process is stuck in the past. He has usually used so many drugs that his thought process is poor. Out of touch with reality.

Man, you hear what that guy said? He is crazy, a real 60's dude.

by FireCad March 7, 2011

twin 60's

An saying for both windows down 60 miles an hour. A primitive form of air condition, most helpful for any 60's and 70's Volkswagen Bug.

Air conditioning? Hell no! We got twin 60's!

by krazyroundeye July 10, 2006

Bring The 60's Back

1. An event involving, or happening in a garage.
2. To spend time in a garage.
3. (among teenagers) To smoke/inhale marijuana

Want you bring the 60's back with my friends this weekend?

by ChevChevelle June 7, 2010

60's Muscle Cars

Cars that came with bench seats (romantic), non-power steering (sweaty), Overpowered V8s or I6s, Beautiful designs, airbags(maybe) & Air-Con (maybe).
Death is everywhere & those old airbags(if any) can injure.

My friend's got a few 60's Muscle Cars in his garage.

by Melvinfused December 5, 2021

60's spiderman

a shitty ass tv show with a shitty ass meme and the world greatest opening ever

friend "hey have you seen 60's spiderman"
me"is he strong listen bud he's got radioactive blood"

by Gay traps(lolis for life) September 6, 2017