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Spare Changing formerly known as Panhandling. It is a common practice amidst North American Homeless. Usually accomplished by "flyin' a sign" another common tactic beyond directly requesting financial assistance.

"Dude I'm Broke, n Hungry, let's spange up some dinner."

by MichaelDC December 27, 2007


Spare Change (as in panhandeling)

"spange, spange, I need a beer."

by TheBigGuy May 21, 2006


German word for "clasp" or "brace". It is often pronounced like it rhymes with "range" but is in fact pronounced like "shponga". Many English speakers search this word on youtube, expecting to find content relating to the popular misspelling of Sponge (i.e. Spongebob Squarepants) and are confused to find videos of weird fingernail things.

"lol search 'spange' on youtube"
"Okay, why am I looking at gross fingernails?"
"Oh, that's weird. Maybe try 'Spange-bob'"

by Max Stanhope February 18, 2015



The, possibly mythical, "fourth orifice" that porn technicians are searching for in an attempt to produce increasingly more gratuitous visual stimulus for self pleasure.

It is rumoured to have been discovered by accident during a filmed attempt at TVTA. Believed to be located towards the base of the spine, doctors refer to it as the Vertabrunt, it may in fact be the cleft form by a pair of fulsome buttocks.

"i was trying to give her one in the arse, next thing you know it had slipped into her spange"

by Shit Colonel May 23, 2008


(V) The act of asking for spare change.

We could spange enough to get some smokes.

by SpiSpi June 23, 2005


Begging for spare change at freeway on/off ramps and in front of stores with or without a sign.

The economy is so bad, it is common to see people spanging on freeway exits and on busy corners.

by Berryblue July 24, 2009


The act of hitting someone on the tip of the dick.

I'm so excited to spang Peter Krause

by JosiahChateau September 1, 2022