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The Snake

A hand gesture that moves in the motion of a snake towards another person stomach while making the sound "buulllluluul!"

Also called the Turkey Noise-K32

I gave Tim the snake pretty good last night, buuululululu!

by snjsky October 10, 2006

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The Snake

1) A Russian Style of the martial arts
2) A Russian lacking a penis causing it to move in an abnormal pattern (snaking)

1)Snake Snake Snake
2)The snake beats all

by Mr. Squirt November 24, 2004

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The Snake

When a permiscuous, young Ryan Powees takes his gentle fingers and protrudes them into other men's rectums and wiggles them around yelling, SNAKE ON THE LOOSE!!!

I was taking a nap last night and powees came up to me from behind and caught me with a nasty snake.

by Powees January 23, 2005

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Snake Or Be Snaked

When you jump in front of someone or cut them off.

While the douchebag in the red Ford Taurus was laying on his horn after I cut him off, I turned around and screamed "Snake or be snaked!"

by snakeater69 March 24, 2011

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Smiling creepily

I: J please stop snaking while I’m watching TV
J: Ok

by Ace the simp March 24, 2023

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Someone who is two faced.

Chill when you are around
But a Back Stabber and talks shit

P1: " Hey"

P2:"Sup bro"
P1 walks away
P2 talks to to P3

P2:"P1 is a slut who will do anything for attention"
P3:"Why you gotta be a Snake to a person who did so much for you"

by HurtfulButTrue December 8, 2016

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Someone who will for no reason try and hurt you (Snake you). They will go behind your back to tell your secrets but try to make themselves look innocent in the whole situation and try to blame it on you in the end. They go behind your back to tell your secrets.

For no reason Andy trying to round to class and told everyone about a boy I liked. He snaked me

by Snatcher May 17, 2017

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