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bowling ball

An act of sexual stimulation involving insertion of two fingers in the vagina and the thumb into the anus.

He performed a bowling ball on her while she went down on him.

by LudwigVan March 6, 2004

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bowling ball

It's used for bowling, you pervs!

He rolled a strike with his bowling ball.

by korex March 5, 2005

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bowling ball

Two in the pink, one in the stink.

Hey Deliliah sweety, would u fancy a bowling ball tonight?

by Anonymous July 19, 2003

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bowling ball

Term used to degrade a woman who has given up all three holes to a man (oral, coitus, and anal sex). Generally speaking, a man can feel confident that he has dominated a woman after achieving this triple crown status, whereas only obtaining one or two of these sexual acts are no guarantee a woman will even remember him. This is primarily because most women are reluctant to give up the third whole (back door for many women OR the pussy for sluts who are trying to remain virgins). This is synonymous to a "grand slam" (as all the bases were run).

1) I used that dirty whore like a bowling ball.

2) Trust me, she's no prude. I bowling balled that bitch after two dates.

3) She never gave me head - so I can't call her a bowling ball.

by Hollywoodknight November 19, 2011

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bowling ball

A fat chick that is so perfectly round her body looks like a bowling ball, being they both have 3 holes to plug up and are heavy to carry around.

Get a wingman so you don’t get hit with a bowling ball the next moring.

by KingKoopa172 April 5, 2006

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bowling ball

A shiny bald-headed man, who is usually black.

What did that bowling ball just call me?

by Valinda November 2, 2006

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bowling ball

When a girl is getting triple teamed by three guys. One is doing her in the gine, one is drilling her ass and she's blowing the third.
Like a bowling ball, two holes close together are filled and the third, a little further away, is filled as well.

Me, Dan and Ben bowling balled a girl last night.

by Matt Hurst March 19, 2006

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