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make it clap

to make one's ass cheaks clap together

damn girl you got fatty make it clap bitch!

by oreo February 6, 2003

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make it clap

To make ones butt cheaks clap together. It's a new phenomena which can mostly only be done by a chick wit a big ass. It's accomplished by abruptly bouncin dat ass but, like I said it's almost impossible unless you got a whole lotta ass.

You shoulda seen this one stripper at the club. She could make it clap!

by 01Pebbles01 March 8, 2008

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make it clap

when to people are fucking and it makes a clapping noise when the guys pelvis hits the girls ass

me and mandy made it clap last night

by river horse May 15, 2003

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make it clap

an action wich usually happens during the act of intercorse. the clap is caused by the mans pelvis rapidly contacting the butox of their partner in such a way that it causes a claping sound.

Boy i heard you making it clap last night with that chick.

by Meagan February 2, 2005

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make it clap

When two people are fucking so vigorously that the guys balls slap into the girls ass hole.

male 1 - "hey man im taking this bitch back to the crib"
male 2 - "thats wassup nigga. you best make it clap later on"

by BustaRhymes January 6, 2009

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Make you clap

When two people are having sex the girls booty makes a sound like someone’s clapping

Hey girl I’m trynna make you clap

by eldrippy August 16, 2019

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big fat ass making it clap 360 glizzy goble --O--

When she makes that ass clap with maxime efficiency and sucks your soul out 180 style

ayo last night your girl made that big fat ass making it clap 360 glizzy goble --O-- : say guy 1

... fuck nah : say guy 2

by big fat ass making it clap360 August 16, 2022

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