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Daniella is a girl with a personality beyond words. It cannot be imitated no matter how. She has a pure heart full of warm glowy gold, lighting not just her own world, but also everyone else's world. Kind and carefree, words can do nought but take away the beauty owned by this girl. Not only is she smart and compassionate, she is someone with a vast network of friends, rarely ever encountering enemies. One of her strongest trait is her ability to be able to make friends with even the most unruly people and help bring them back to something more human. Another of her strongest traits is simply her humanity. She more forgiving and forgivable than almost anybody else.

She is Daniella, the most simply awesome person you could want to meet.

"I'm so glad i ran into Daniella, she changed my life from the second I met her."

by EchoMonkey December 12, 2019

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Krysta is generally an exceptionally beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate girl, with a heart of gold that shines in everything she does. She isn't afraid to break every expectation you set and won't bother sticking to her friends rules, preferring to make her own as she goes. Her friends are often carefully chosen after a good while and She is incredibly forgiving and forgivable . It is really hard for friend and foe to not admire what a awesome person she is. Thanks to her forgivable nature she guaranteed will not break a single heart she cares about. Gods bless Krysta!

"Tbh Krysta is probably the coolest and most awesome person in school"

Person 1
"She can't even break hearts for goodness sakes, not that that's a bad thing"

by EchoMonkey December 1, 2019


Kaitlyn is an exceptional girl that is incredibly smart and unbiased. She is athletic and calculating, and not afraid to go cold turkey when she needs to. She's exceptionally beautiful, and makes anyone fall in love with her. Its absolute heaven when you are with her no matter where you are.

Boy 1. 'I'm jealous of my friend, his gif is Kaitlyn.
Boy 2. 'I heard another Kaitlyn is coming here.'
Boy 3. 'Hope I can get her. It'll be absolute HEAVEN.

by EchoMonkey May 28, 2019

staring into space

when you stare into space you are generally looking in the direction furthest away. its when you have been left to your own thoughts, and with no-one to talk to but yourself, and the pointlessness of losing your eyes cause it takes too much effort you just stare at no place in particular. If you're staring in to space, don't stare at any else, especially not your secret crush, it's weird mate and frowned upon.

that kids staring into space, he must have a LOT on his mind.

by EchoMonkey May 28, 2019

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Usually the nickname given to someone who is a cheeky lil' bastard that people both love and hate. he generally makes a massive fool of himself on purpose to make people laugh, with or at him. he is a very selfless person and is not cautious about what he does.

that monkeyman is sooooo funnily stupid

by EchoMonkey May 27, 2019