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A small smelly troll, usually found residing in ditches or streams, furtively munching on cheap TescoCrap. Regularly insults everyone (especially Christians and Americans).

Bill: Look at that Hellysmellywelly over there!
George:It just called me a fishbag!

by Raphael the Uberpotato October 12, 2006

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snakeage und cakeage

The act of baking green lettuce cakes and eating them, all the while trying not to drop the snake in the bowl.

can we come to your house for snakeage und cakeage?

by Raphael the Uberpotato April 11, 2008

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st. Henfield of Blomfield

the patron saint of bloms, Socialists, snakes, coconuts, furry coats, hairy felows and moustaches.

Venerate the saint! The St. Henfield of Blomfield comes near! You're a hairy fellow- why don't you pray to her?

by Raphael the Uberpotato April 11, 2008

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A very offensive word in Albania. The punishment for uttering the word is to be thrown into a fishpond wearing only a fishfood coating...

"Don't say 'Gleep'; an Albanian might hear you!"

by Raphael the Uberpotato April 11, 2008

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