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What losers who can't face reality do. Oh yeah, and It DOES hurt you. It causes cancer. People who smoke weed need to get lives and make something of themselves.

Don't do drugs kids!

by Who Ever I Feel Like Being Today August 4, 2005

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A very talented dancer and R&B singer. Alot of people say that Ciara is a hermaphrodite. Ciara is NOT a hermaphrodite. Also, her name is pronounced SIERRA not KEYARA.

If you say her music sucks, you should actually LISTEN to it.

by Who Ever I Feel Like Being Today August 9, 2005

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The state people are in when they do stupid, retarded and potentially dangerous things.

Don't do drugs or you'll end up like my dad; Stupid, worthless, and unhealthy.

by Who Ever I Feel Like Being Today August 3, 2005

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Birthday Cake

Well, From What Snoop Dogg Says, It Means butt, booty

"But you can't fake once you hit the gate
Shake 'till it ache, work that birthday cake."
- Step Yo Game Up, Snoop Dogg

by Who Ever I Feel Like Being Today August 2, 2005

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Something that is often mistaken for a sport, when in reality, its not. Football is a sport, Basketball is a sport, baseball is a sport, but cheerleading is NOT. Yeah, and for your info, I'm a girl. A normal STRAIGHT girl, and I rather play football than be the dumb bimbo screaming on the sidelines jumping up and down like a retard. Only stupid skanky girls that don't mind running around like half-naked idiots become cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are the reason why the NFL doesn't let women play professional football. Women degrade themselves like this and then men think "Hmmm... Women have no talent and intelligence whatsoever, they must just be here just entertain us." Women are NOT here to entertain men. To all the cheerleaders, put some clothes on and GET LIVES.

Do I really need an example, because if I do, you must be really stupid.

by Who Ever I Feel Like Being Today July 28, 2005

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