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Birthday Cake

Well, From What Snoop Dogg Says, It Means butt, booty

"But you can't fake once you hit the gate
Shake 'till it ache, work that birthday cake."
- Step Yo Game Up, Snoop Dogg

by Who Ever I Feel Like Being Today August 2, 2005

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Birthday Cake

A girl or woman's pussy.

When we got back to Wendy's place, she stripped to her birthday suit and I put some whipped cream on her birthday cake and ate it. Tasty, too. :)

by republican horndog :-p August 4, 2005

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Birthday Cake

Like a cream pie, except the woman is not on any birth control, so the cream pie turns into a birthday cake, ie: she gets pregnant.

Man: Oh man, i came in my girlfriend last night, and shes not on the pill!
Friend: Oh Dude! You gave her a birthday cake!

by Chris And Libby February 18, 2009

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Birthday Cake

In insider jargon among fireworks professionals a "birthday cake" or more briefly just a "cake" is a firework technically referred to as a "multi-shot tube device." These are fireworks that consist of multiple, usually small mortar tubes bundled together designed to fire a series of low-level aerial effects. The effects might be stars, comets, whistles, salutes, etc.

"Let's set those birthday cakes up over on the left of the firing line."

by Joe Curwen July 8, 2012

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Birthday Cake

When two gay men are having sex and one man creams on another mans butt and puts a candle in his anus and lights it.

Hey, do you guys want to come over to celebrate my "birthday" We can make a "Birthday Cake"

by Kenny Baker22222 January 31, 2011

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Birthday Cake

Defecating on your girlfriends chest, then ejaculating over the shit, and proceeding to lick the semen off.

A Birthday Cake is like a Cleveland Steamer, but worse.

by Zomboy October 7, 2009

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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake - A very small gathering of very close friends or family to come together to converse and enjoy some cake on someone birthday.

Yesterday we got invited to a Birthday Cake for my cousin's birthday.

by Mr_Sancho July 17, 2016

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