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The reason condoms were invented.

Frick STI, condoms were invented to prevent kids.

by Anonymouse🐀 December 16, 2018

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These kids are gonna be the end of me.

by drumsoccer February 14, 2022

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Karen has them.

Karen took the kids again.

by Gohn Jayne Wacy April 14, 2019

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Something you don't want to have.

"My kids just set the house on fire."

by SoliquidForLife December 7, 2017


God's punishment for having sex

Suzie: we've been dating for a long time and I need to tell you something
Johnny: Please dont breakup up with me
Suzie: It's not that, geez...I'M PREGNANT, we'll have kids together!

Johnny's screams could be heard from Australia

by blahblahblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah December 30, 2011

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things that interupt you while your banging you wife.

"I would have finished if it wasnt for those medling kids!"

by Terrell Robinson January 12, 2004

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The aftermath of a frat party after you took some X and thought you were superman so no mere mortal women could ever conceive you baby.

Trippin Boy: Listen! my sperm is like too powerful for you so like it cant get you like pregnant ya know


(12 months, 2 kids, and 3 heart attacks later)

Not so drunk mom: hey super man wheres my welfare check?

Not so trippy boy: let me just go to krypton and..... PEACE!!

by Enatap Ynohtna February 23, 2010

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