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Low IQ

See Flat earther.

Flat Earthers are the epitome of low iq.

by Rotten Turkey April 24, 2021

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Low IQ

People who spend more than 1 hour daily on their phones. You lose 10 points for each extra min.

OMG her phone screen time is 3 hours PER DAY!!! She must have a low IQ

by Randompersononedayyoullmeet October 27, 2020

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Low IQ Syndrome

Abbreviated as LIQS. A person with Low IQ Syndrome is identified by a distinct lack of intelligence and abysmal behavioral mannerisms. An individual can be born with LIQS or diagnosed with the syndrome upon repeated exposure to null intellectual content. Common acquisitions of this genetic disorder are oftentimes credited as Minecraft, Youtube, Reddit, Myspace, Twitter, ROBLOX, and Fortnite. Users of the ROBLOX Trading (LMaD) Community are widely known for having been heavily adorned with LIQS.

"I played ROBLOX once.. it gave me Low IQ Syndrome"
"Why would he sell his Xbox One for $30??!?! Does he have Low IQ Syndrome?!?!"
"He declined my 20k overpay.. Does he have Low IQ Syndrome?

by zyzr December 1, 2018

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low-IQ person

a person who is appallingly ignorant and stupid; a fucktard; an assclown; an ignoranus; a trumpanzee; a person who has been magatized or lobotomized; a Republican; a Trump supporter; a member of the so-called "Trump base" ... see Donald J. Trump.

A consensus of psychologists agree that when Trump calls someone a "low-IQ person" he is projecting his own stupidity.

by Eppypotamus June 19, 2019

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Low IQ Idiot

A person who does and says things that do not make any sense. They are usually uneducated, brain-dead, savages that lack common sense.

Ved: Look at that Low IQ idiot trying to jump from the building, why is he doing that for?
Ade: Because his team won a football match
Ved: What a fucking Low IQ idiot.
Ade: I hope he doesn't breed

by Walden Two December 13, 2018

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Low IQ idiot

You. It’s you. You are actually that dumb to search what a Low IQ idiot is on Urban Dictionary! Are you feeling okay? Just stop it, get some help.

When you are in an arguments but the other person is wrong:

’Thats incorrect you Low IQ idiot’

by larrayyy April 24, 2020

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low iq boi

a person of low iq, typically plays faf and roblox, also thinks that communism is bad lmao what a loozer, usually named-matvey or D8, contradicctory to the big iq bois typiccally named- stalin,Karl Marx, or misha. also matvey has biggayy and mishas peen is bigger lmao, also faf trash lmao

wow look at that disabled low iq boi, O W8 THATS JUST MATVEY LMAO DAB


by high iq boi May 16, 2018

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