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**This post refers to the SAT Reasoning Test, a form of punishment infliced upon all high schoolers.

1) A bullshit exam which doesnt test anything, be it IQ, creativity, personality, or potential college performance.

2) A common topic of conversation amongst elite families during "dinner parties", in which children/teens subjected to this want to poke their eyeballs out with their salad fork.

3) Is a major cause of teenage suicide in America

4) Segregate's society, for poeple of higher socioeconomic stratas apparently have higher scores. This leads to even further separation amongst students, when in reality, anything educational should be promoting openness and acceptance of others.

5) High performers think they're better than everyone cause they are getting into Harvard. O well, it's not like they had a social life from studying all night and day.

Mother 1: I got my daughter a private tutor who graduated from Princeton. He's going to bring her score up from a 1500 - 2300. *cocky, proud smile*

Daughter: *pokes eyeball with fork*


Dan: Oh hey look! It's Justin. I heard he got a 1400 on his SAT score. What a loser!!!

Friend: I agree.

Dan and Friend: *throw stuff at Justin*

by goshschoolsucks November 5, 2011

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A standardized test taken by most high school Juniors and Seniors in order to qualify for college admittance and scholarships. Generally disliked by many students, this test is often called an acrnoym for Satan Approved Torture.

"Do you wanna hang out on Saturday?"
"No, I can't. I'm taking the SAT."
"That test is pure torture."

by AReallyWhiteKid October 13, 2011

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Just big fucking bullshit that you have to take in high school. This is meant for colleges such as USC, Stanford, UC or Ivy League schools to judge how smart or dumb you are. Whats the point about it when you have class grades? So fuck it cause it wastes time and thinking.

Teacher: Alright class get prepared for the SAT class coming next week.
Classmate: Yeah, well if we don't do well on the dumb ass exam we can always go to community college.

by AdomC March 10, 2015

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The SAT is a test used for undergraduate admissions in US universities that measures your ability to wake up at an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning, your ability to shade in what seems like millions of bubbles using a number 2 pencil; and your ability to sit still for over 3 and half hours with limited breaks.

"You got a 200 on one of the sections of the SAT! Oh! Maybe you miss-aligned all of your answers, and noticed when you got to the last question..."

by Anna_Banana239 November 5, 2011

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Stupidity Assesment Test. A test given in high school that judges your worth as a human being. the lower the score, the more expendable you are to the government.

@#$%! I got a 400 on my SAT, so now I'm a public servant!

by Detranova July 29, 2003

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Sucking out Absolutely all joy Test

Wanna have no social life, free time, or parties?
Register now! © SAT
And practice...

by nerdy_schoolkid September 13, 2012

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Suicide Assessment Test- this tests your ability to not commit suicide before taking a really hard test.

Can't...take it...going to...fail SAT*phew* finished.*drops*

by divide October 21, 2005

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