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the cure for aids..

Derion: I've been itching lately. I think I have AIDS.
Mariah: Awww, would you like some oatmeal?

by Thatsexychicwithoatmeal January 7, 2013

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When you're getting head and blow your load and he/she keeps going but doesn't swallow. The jiz on your pelvis from this is known as oatmeal.

I'm cummed in her mouth and she kept going. After she stopped I looked down and there was jiz all over my pelvis. Oatmealing

by RealSans December 30, 2016

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A fucking lie

Person a: Not to get all political on you, but what the fuck is oatmeal?

Person b: It's a fucking lie that's what it is

by That_White_Bitch January 21, 2021

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The most orgasmic food in the world

it also helps you prevent getting diabetes!

"i just ate some oatmeal."

"My mouth just had an orgasm, because of the delicious instant oatmeal."

"my mom started to freak out and though i was getting diabetes, so to make her stop, i started eating oatmeal. after a week of oatmeal everyday i finally understood that oatmeal was the most amazing thing in the world."

by Championhannahsaurusrex February 1, 2009

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A codeword for sexual frustration.

I am so oatmeal right now.
I'm feeling oatmeal where's my porn
Are you oatmeal?

by xXSpiritKeeperXx August 12, 2013

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when you're making out with a really hot bitch and you puke in her mouth

Maaaan...I was so sick yesterday that when me and that bitch hooked up I oatmealed in her mouth, she totally wanted me though.

by Allie Kazoo January 7, 2004

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Adjective: Boring as oatmeal, somthing that is dull or plain

English class was so oatmeal today!

by Herdwig November 23, 2005

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