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An breakfast consisting of warmed oats and water... quite tasty! its not a pussy you pervs!

Mom can I have oatmeal for breakfast

by miss peeniz biznatch November 9, 2003

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grits for white people

Tyron Brown and John Smith went out for breakfast. Tyron ordered grits, and John ordered oatmeal.

by GMODAMAN June 30, 2010

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the cure for aids..

Derion: I've been itching lately. I think I have AIDS.
Mariah: Awww, would you like some oatmeal?

by Thatsexychicwithoatmeal January 7, 2013

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The most orgasmic food in the world

it also helps you prevent getting diabetes!

"i just ate some oatmeal."

"My mouth just had an orgasm, because of the delicious instant oatmeal."

"my mom started to freak out and though i was getting diabetes, so to make her stop, i started eating oatmeal. after a week of oatmeal everyday i finally understood that oatmeal was the most amazing thing in the world."

by Championhannahsaurusrex February 1, 2009

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A codeword for sexual frustration.

I am so oatmeal right now.
I'm feeling oatmeal where's my porn
Are you oatmeal?

by xXSpiritKeeperXx August 12, 2013

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Slang term used by both male and female to refer to the vagina.

How did her oatmeal taste?

by adidasnamjah August 20, 2009

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what a drunk person says when tries to say "hook me up"


by bcc July 24, 2003

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