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a bowl

when referred to in a pipe , is the part of a pipe that is used to pack CANNABIS. A bowl also known as a slide is to be used on a water pipe to also pack CANNABIS

Yo Bro..wanna smoke a bowl?
Its 4:20 man...I'll pack a bowl.

by ClassicRonnie July 4, 2019

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a bowl

Or "You just got a bowl", basically I learned this term selling speakers with a sales company back the the late 90's. This means you sold nothing or tried to do something and you got nothing! Just like an empty bowl! You ask someone "What's in an empty bowl?" and they say "nothing" and you say "Exacty, that's what you just got!". A great time to say this term is when you just spanked somone in a video game, or kicked someones ass in a sport or sales job!!!

"I played my friend in Madden 2007, and gave him a bowl!"
"Yeah my dumb ass buddy, tried to asked this girl for her phone number and she gave him a bowl!

by Brian Wick May 17, 2007

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bowl for bowl

when a group of bros trade bowl packs and all get ripped

Yooooooo Dom when we goin bowl for bowl?

by Dommmmm December 7, 2010

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Bowling Bowl

You get picked up , fingered , thrown in the gutter and come back for more. Just like a bowling ball.

Joe : Yo man , Taylor is such a bowling bowl !

Bob : I know man , I through her in the gutter a few weeks ago , and she just kept coming back for more. What a bowling bowl.

by I*HATE*YOU* August 30, 2008

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Bowling it

A style of walking when someone, namely chavs, commoners, louts and people that THINK they are cool, hard and tough. This is often opposed to, but does not exclude those that ARE hard and tough and walk with a bowling action.

Someone "Bowling it" walks with the arms swinging out wide to the side, and their body leaning in the opposite direction to balance out the arms swinging. The head may also be moved in an exaggerated manner side to side to futher balance out the huge distance the arm is.
The wider the arms swing, the more ridiculous, and the harder the person in question usually thinks they are. Someone "bowling it" walks with confidence / arrogance and will not move out of the way for people.
Bodybuilding can induce the bowling it effect, they are bowling it, but not in the strict definition where it is more the mental state of the person, than the action that is being referred to.
Self training is necessary to repeat the gait, as rest assured it does not come naturally, further highlighting the show and arrogance of the person that puts on the display when walking.
Bowling it is most often practised by youngsters, and is often acquired during school years, when people have less respect for one another and need to make their way through corridors.
Although I mention the head and body tilt is to balance the arms, I personally wonder if it is not in fact to compensate for the weight of their huge heads, they being big headed people.

A bloke walks down the street in a side to side motion, arms flailing at the sides. He does not step to the side, the other pavement user does, as the man owns the pavement. He knows people. You can practically feel the arrogance and weight of his head. He's off to the pub.

Me and my friend look at each other and chuckle at that fool bowling it along the highstreet.

by Essex/Suffolk Lad June 10, 2011


the part of a marijuana (weed, pot, ganja, etc.) pipe in which the marijuana is placed (packed) to be smoked. it may have a little hole (carb) on the side of it, which you cover while you are inhaling the marijuana smoke while holding the whole pipe and smoking.

"i wanna smoke a bowl right now soo bad!"
(british accent)"oh! you guys are smokin a bowl! they're goin to go smoke a bowl! may we smoke with you?"

by bunny&sasha December 21, 2003

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1.Actual bowling, with 10 pins and 1 ball.
2. Masturbating, with 2 balls and 1 pin.

Whenever Matt goes bowling, his wrist is sore for hours.

by John_Steinbeck August 14, 2005

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