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Grit, Reliability, Integrity, That's grit.

Friend 1: "Wow Patrick Bateman is such a sigma male"
Friend 2: "Yhea I heard he has a lot of grit"

by $$Katz October 21, 2022

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A cigarette.

Lets go smoke a grit.

by a-town krook August 14, 2003

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what a 12 year old kid who thinks smoking gives the biggest buzz ever calls a cigarette.

*sees person of age smoking*
*proceeds to walk over acting cool*

kid-"yo man can i get a grit"
smoker-" a what? you mean a cigarette?"
kid- "ya man a grit"
smoker-"no faggot"

by masterksuhman October 6, 2009

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To cum
To ejaculate semen


cum (noun for semen or orgasm)

Originated in Montgomery County in the DMV

Just a fun, more original way of saying "cum"

1. When my parents aren't home, I take my pants off, jack off to porn, and I eventually grit all over my left hand!

2. I fucked my brother's wife and we had a simultaneous and intense grit; he gave me permission way before they were married... but she did not know that.

3. My boyfriend tried the pull out method on me and gritted all over my stomach! The fun times we have in my mom's room...

by Reef-Fiddler May 18, 2014

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(noun) Derogitory term for the "white trash" underclass. The kind of folks that smoked in high school and took auto mechanics.

Derived from "The Grit Pit," the name for the designated smoking area at Westerville South High School. (A designated smoking area at a HIGH SCHOOL?! Ah, yes, those were the days.)

Don't cut behind the baseball dugouts--that's where the grits hang out.

by Pi3832 August 16, 2005

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1. a redneck
2. a filthy person
3. a cigarette
4. a grain often served in southern states as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

when grits want to express feelings, they often say 'hewwwwww!'

by ((make yourself!)) October 10, 2004

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sand paper types. ranging from low to high numbers

400 grit sandpaper, nice!

by ruff March 25, 2005

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