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ignoring - pretending that that you're doing something else and or acting as if you're not being spoken to.

Ignoring my wife's need to talk about me cheating on her! !

by Vengeful wife October 29, 2015

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To not be acknowledged by the person you really want to talk to. You know they are online but never try to give you a response. You start to feel sad and depressed emotions that they probably don’t care about you anymore. Then when they do reply back, it’s the most shortest reply. Then you become happy and don’t say anything about it because they atleast responded back to you so you text them like everything is ok.


Friend - Did she ever reply to you?

Me - Nah, but it’s all cool.

by heartlessfiigure March 10, 2018


1. feigning ignorance at another's presence, deeds or comments.
2. to willfully avoid a meeting, confrontation or thought.

obama decided it best to place wis wife's comments in a state of ignoration.

by em bee kay June 18, 2008

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Together with prejudice, the currency of the modern world

by sure October 22, 2003

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this is the command to ignore someone on an IRC server and some games such as world of warcraft.

the proper usage is /ignore time username

it is sometimes used IRL

<melmelz> your such a stupid idiot
<Relax> /ignore 300 melmelz

by Jrelax March 9, 2009

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Lack of knowledge

Unfortunately, the youth of today choose ignorance as a "Badge of Courage."

by Knowledge October 21, 2003

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Means that you have a lack of knowledge, information or awareness about something in particular....

It Does not mean that someone is ignoring you! O.O

Person 1: Ugh, I can't believe "person 2" isn't replying to my messages!!! How ignorant!!!
Person 2: ....Well then, I guess I'll be getting you a dictionary for Christmas.

by HayleyHiccupBuscus December 5, 2013

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