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1) educational programming recommended junior high students who need to see how its done

2) a collection of dvd's stored in your dad's closet marked 'baby pictures'

1) Emily and Jack ate carrots as they watched pornography.
2) Yes.. this is a boring box of baby pictures.. please do not open this box..

by jimmy huynh March 3, 2003

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95% of the websites on the internet.

Click here 4 free boobz!

by teh best evar January 12, 2004

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The reason why the family computer is always slow, Look in the job application folder in "dad's work stuff's"n you'll find alot of it.

<job application folder>



by bing February 21, 2005

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(1) Sexier than sex itself.
(2) Sexuality that is simulated, airbrushed, packaged and commoditized.

"At the heart of pornography is sexuality haunted by its own disappearance.” Jean Baudrillard

by DMNY July 7, 2006

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Explicit descriptions, picture, and/or video of sexual acts. Some people may consider it offensive, but many consider it to be a useful tool for masturbation.

When I went to Peoplefuckingeachother.com I saw some pornography.

by phi April 25, 2004

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Graphic depiction that has no artistic merit and that leads to sexual thought.

Which is basically every commercial I have ever seen...

by Crapper McGee March 28, 2004

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Commonly referred to as porn, this shizzle is the depiction of males and females engaging in sometimes quite explicit sexual encounters. In most cases he man inserts his penis into the woman's vagina and the woman begins to have a fake screaming orgasm. Sex is close to the real thang but it's not:porn is.

Bitch, get off me, the Spice Channel's got a new documentary on lesbians coming on in five minutes--I gotta get my "jack off rag"

by Louie G December 18, 2003

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