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Someone who is lacking mental capacity, sluggish or needs long time to react or learn.

To put it bluntly, he is, well, slow. I don't mean to sound condescending (I'm not exactly a rocket scientist either), but that is what he is.

by il--ya June 12, 2014

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This website at getting new definitions up

by Bloofy April 14, 2003

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Somebody who has problems understanding something. And is not fast in the mind.

Damn, that muthafucka is slow!!! He over there tryin to pee in a sink, what the fuck?

by Marquetta June 4, 2004

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1) Someone who doesn't understand what's going on.

2) A person who is not particularly quick in their mental processes.

See also retard, stupid

1)Yo, Brian is slow he didn't know the teacher was talking about him.

2)That girl is so slow she failed the driving test five times.

by sycotik December 17, 2003

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a situation looks bleak or there is no hope

the republicans beating obama next election. it's slow

by gvillehookup October 18, 2011

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A relatively slow learner, who while struggling to keep up with everyday tasks, cultural evolution, or academics, is in a temporary (and usually domain limited) state of high reason, capable of demonstrating some set of the complex products of creativity and/or analytical thought. An effect due to some combination of factors such as intrinsic motivation, autistic spectrum disorders, emotional intelligence, mental specialization, and the powers of chance.

"But I thought Einstein couldn't speak till he was four".
"He was just slow"

"Mikey's failing math again!"
"Don't worry about honey.....he's just a little slow"

by Pizzlej February 29, 2008

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Not fast (yeah I know thats a pathetic definition)

See also AOL, telstra, Canadian and George Bush

This Internet connections is as slow as a Canadian Mountie

by Manboy March 29, 2003

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