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A place on the internet that usually contains stimulating material, such as pictures, animations, or links. Noramlly created by website designers.


by Apul January 30, 2003

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What your on right now...

Urbandictionary.com is a website...

by doitphaggot February 6, 2008

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a group of computer files broadcast to other users by means of an internet IP address.

She brought up our website on her laptop.

by _Nick November 2, 2008

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When a poor soul should become obsessed by a certain website whether its twitter kongregate or ever myspace and learns that any social life they thought they had by using this site has been lost because they have become such an avid indoorsman

Guy: "Have you seen Joe?"
Bob: "I saw him in kongregate chat this morning"
Guy: "Poor indoorsman got websited"

by nOmega November 10, 2009

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this website

Urban Dictionary

This website is Urban Dictionary

by Dubiks February 12, 2019

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The act of visiting several websites on the now extremely prevalent protocol known as 'the internet' for an often extended period of time.

A person may sometimes record websites visited while 'websiteing' in a file finder.

Last night when i was websiteing i came across this really cool site....

by iPhelim April 18, 2008

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There are 3 types of websites. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:
Supplies generous amounts of information, images and music aswell as has a nice layout with decent amounts of CSS.

The Bad:
Is made poorly with little or no effort. The background is horribly annoying. This website gets millions of hits, however, which is most annoying.

The Ugly:
A websiet with a white background, blue and purple hyperlinks, uses only Times New Roman font, and non-colored horizontal rules, plus crappy tables with sad borders and no design.

by Bastardized Bottomburp March 19, 2003

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