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A brightly coloured moray or ribbon eel, crammed onto a popsicle stick, covered in tasty cream and sweet sugar. Mmm, mmm! Grandma's favourite! Also see deep fried eelpop

P.S I made it up :)

Jimmy: Hey, what's that weird ice-cream thing in your hand?
Fred: It's an eelpop, an eel stuffed on a stick covered in creamy goodness, mm mmm!
Jimmy: Sweet! I'm buyin one!

by eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel November 6, 2006

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When you feel such a sense of relief that it feels similar to an orgasm without the involuntary muscle contractions.

The cop didn't even know I was high when he pulled me over. I had the best reliefgasm.

by Rickyslap March 25, 2014

gravel cunt

extremely bitching annoying women

That bitch is such a Gravel Cunt...

by PB W2 February 7, 2017


To cut someone open and putting a gay pride Flag in their stomach and in writing the words gay in their chest with a knife

Gayifying id to kill someone is then put a gay flag in them and then right gay on them with knife

by Jhonny speed June 18, 2022


They were burning them a few hundred years ago, but when was the last time you heard about one being burned as a form of public execution in your local news?

The weird bubbly cultish girl had nothing else but desperately wanted to start an argument, so she resorted to bringing up examples of witches that were persecuted, deemed inferior, or otherwise treated unfairly by males of their day that she read about in a book though she had no thoughts of her own on the matter or personal experience that wasn't manufactured by her mind with being treated unfairly by society. She was a JAP, (non-Jewish) a Jewish Amercian Princess , a spoiled rotten individual.

by The Original Agahnim November 15, 2021


That one kid at your school or college that's a Fortnite Virgin bitch-faggot who in their own words "Only fucks with Organic Vapes". Instantly block this person on snapchat or you will witness a "Havot" spamming the fuck out of there story with fortnite wins.

Zach's Such a Fucking Havot look at his story.

by Eric the snack November 14, 2018

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Sweet as

Swtazz bro

by Swtazz February 9, 2018