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Person who jumps into relationships to have a place to live.

That fool only with her for a roof, he's a hobosexual.

by S8H2A4U7N7E February 10, 2017

Wood wide web

The idea that the roots of neighboring trees can be connected by fungal filaments, forming massive underground networks that can span entire forests, similar to internet architecture.

When people speak of the wood-wide web, they are generally referring to the resulting system of interconnected tree roots called a common mycorrhizal network, or CMN. But there’s very little that scientists can say with certainty about how, and to what extent, trees interact via CMNs.

The idea of the wood wide web has inspired many narratives in books, TV, and other media, despite little or no experimental evidence to back up their claims.

The survival horror video game series The Last of Us uses the idea of a wood wide web to drive its narrative by featuring zombies that are controlled by a fungi host. It’s a compelling story, but many mycologists and scientists no longer believe in the scientific claims about fungal networks that inspired its zombie apocalypse.

by peepeecomposter November 4, 2023


Combination of the Latin word doofus, meaning an incompetent tool and the word goofy. A goofy doofus.

Finn, Meadow Soprano's doofy boyfriend, saw Vito giving a hummer to a security guard.

by Stace June 8, 2004

The Shadow Person

"The shadow person" refers directly to the completely random occurrence in which a person will clock a glimpse of an unidentified spooky figure which resembles that of an ominous, dark, slender-man looking entity which flashes past their peripheral vision.

This phenomenon has been widely addressed since, well, the beginning of time.

What is most scary is how everyone, even your friends and family, will most likely be able to relate to this and have experienced this several times within their lifetime, with no explanation or evidence as to how and why - even diverse groups of people around the world have described to have coincidentally seen the exact same figure

Despite the unknown presence of the shadow person, research and theories have suggested that these are “creatures of supernatural origin that appear as dark forms in the peripheries of people’s vision and disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed.”

Some say that they appear during "phases of emotional trauma, physical reflections of grief and fear" whilst others say it is down to sleep deprivation.

Scary shit huh.

"Yo Jake what the fuck was that?"

"What are you talking about Alex?"

"The Shadow Person thing? could've sworn i saw something..."

"Man you're trippin, get some sleep bruh"

by Theat0mm June 7, 2020


Your persona at work, the way you portray yourself in the workplace.

“My worksona is cis. She loves people. She loves Christ and capitalism. Her third eye is closed and ready for work.

by streamzombiebyday6 May 24, 2020


A paypig is the financial submissive in the dynamic of Financial Domination. Financial Domination is a fetish of power exchange which involves the transfer of money from sub to Domme as an act of ultimate submission, as money is the ultimate representation of power in our modern society. Paypigs are alternatively known as finsubs and money slaves.

In financial domination a paypig or money slave has no worth outside of pleasing his Money Mistress.

by Financial Domination History March 6, 2022


Used to describe the act of taking a sip from another person's beverage without touching one's lips to the rim of the container.

(It is interesting to note that only native Orange County residents know the true definition of this term)

1. Can I please have a birdie of your water, dude?

by Jenny March 8, 2005