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(Pronounced: tragedy)

When parents overcomplicate the spellings of names in order for their child’s name to sound ✨u n I q U E✨. That’s a tragedeigh. These aren’t to be mistaken for names from other languages, though. Some examples include Londynn (London), Crimzynn (Crimson), Ashleigh (Ashley), and Myrrandah (Miranda). Other times, the names are completely unrecognizable, like Klansmyn, Sausage, and Glhynnyl.

Student 1: My name is Wednesdeigh.
Student 2, under their breath: That’s a real tragedeigh right there.

by cntoesussie June 23, 2023


(Danish expression)

Flyfucking is when a person cares about small silly details that don't really matter in general.

'You've spent all day flyfucking, can you do something meaningfull now?'


'I'm in the flyfucking phase of tuning this machinery, polishing up every little crappy detail'

by Fanis8 April 13, 2007


"A behavioral disorder characterized by a mediocre physique and complete lack of progress, despite significant amounts of time spent in the gym."

Bro: Hey brah! You almost done with the squat rack? I need to do some curlz!

Me: You have fuckarounditis and you need help.

by dataguy October 14, 2011

bin chicken

Australian slang for the ibis, a bird that common dwells in urban environments and is known to eat out of bins, ruin picnics, smell bad, and just generally cause a nuisance.

'A fucking bin chicken just stole my fucking sandwich right out of my hands.'

by calculusfish March 29, 2017


Posting or talking about drama without naming the specific details.

"Lindsay just tweeted 'no tears left to cry over you b'"

"OMG no way, she's totally vagueing about Connor"

by vivian1345 September 17, 2018

Purple Pilled

To be neither Optimistic (Blue Pilled) or Pessimistic (Red Pilled), but to see things for what they are and accepting it. To be a Realist, to live in the Gray rather than the Black or White.

"Man, philosophy really makes you Purple Pilled, doesn't it?"

by MediaCite June 29, 2022

Luh calm fit

AKA: Calm luh fit

Slang for "Little calm fit" or "Calm little fit"

Used to describe an outfit that is "nun too crazy" or in other words: an outfit that is very plain or thrown together for the sake of being comfortable.

Also used sarcastically for an outfit that is over the top and opposite of a "calm little fit".

"I'm wearin' a luh calm fit nun ' to extreme "

by wumi October 8, 2023