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A woman with an athletic firm butt that is round and firm but can still shake.

Damn look at the cakeage on shawty she make it clap for a nigga

Yeah she’ll throw it back for a nigga

by GiminiMan October 30, 2020


corkage fee for cake

Some restaurants charge cakeage if you eat your own cake at the restaurant.

by Cyclone Odette November 14, 2008


To get some cake, or to see some cake and want it.

Oh dick'ead fucking cakeage!

by Gezzer September 4, 2007

snakeage und cakeage

The act of baking green lettuce cakes and eating them, all the while trying not to drop the snake in the bowl.

can we come to your house for snakeage und cakeage?

by Raphael the Uberpotato April 11, 2008


a charge made by a restaurant for serving a cake that they have not supplied themselves

"they told me I was welcome to bring a birthday cake and there would be no cakeage"

by wilsonlol May 16, 2023