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Oatmeal means that you’re bored. Or something is plain. Oatmeal is NOT a food. Contrary to popular belief, in 2012 it was just a huge meme that you could eat oatmeal to not be bored. If you’re eating oatmeal, you’re probably eating hummus.

Damn dude, I feel so oatmeal right now”
Fr tho like there’s nothing to do. It’s so oatmeal here”

by See, I’m right June 16, 2019

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A caramel light-skinned black girl

I'm in love with the oatmeal!

by teamswirl420 March 18, 2016

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A phrase used by men to describe there penis when performing sexual acts with women.

Joe you gotta get some brown sugar on your oatmeal

She said she was bleeding so I told her to suck my oatmeal

by Christhakilla December 10, 2007

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male person

"oatmeal person"

by noixz January 15, 2009

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Oatmeal slide

When cum drips out of an orifice into a waiting mouth. Like a vodka slide of cum.

She sat there with her mouth open forever waiting for him to cum to enjoy her oatmeal slide.

by Dirtygirl75 July 6, 2011

lil oatmeal

Lil oatmeal is the best rapper ever. His social media is @theliloatmeal . He has sex constantly and was married to Zendaya. He currently dates Rubi Rose, a fellow rapper.

Lil oatmeal is the greatest rapper.

by lil oatmeal April 14, 2020

oatmeal brain

When someone's brain deteriorates over time due to alcohol/drugs/sleep deprivation, etc. Symptoms of oatmeal brain: memory loss, impaired motor function, slurred voice, stumbling, slow speech.

John, you can't remember anything. You have oatmeal brain right now!

by PinkPanther13 April 20, 2018